Marc Bendall is an expert in jewellery remodelling in Christchurch, NZ, and offers a very specialist service for his clients.  By booking a consultation, Marc will design concepts of what is possible and more, Marc listens closely to you about your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and then brings your dream into reality. 


Do you own a piece of jewellery that is outdated, or has sentimental meaning to you but you feel it is not quite right or needs a new lease of life?

You may want to "move on" with a piece of jewellery that you own but have no idea what you want. 

Come and visit Marc Bendall whose expertise and talent is to bring a fresh perspective to tired or out of date jewellery.

When you meet with Marc in his Christchurch Jewellery Store, he will offer suggestions of jewellery remodeling by firstly talking to you about what you may or may not like.  Whilst you are in consultation Marc will sketch designs and concepts that will give you the vision and image of your new remodeled creation. He will then bring it to life with exceptional craftsmanship in his dedicated Christchurch jewellery workshop. 

Marc works with the highest degree of respect and integrity using all aspects of his knowledge and expert craftsmanship.

He would love to help you choose, design or re-create your next favourite piece of jewellery.

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