Marc Bendall is one of the finest Christchurch's jewellery designers.  We invite you to browse our exquisite range of sophisticated bespoke jewellery NZ

Visit our Christchurch jewellery shop in Redcliffs, discover our exquisite jewellery online or contact us to tell us how we can help bring your own inspired story to life through timeless design.

It starts with a story...

We know that carat gold fine jewellery is about sophistication and quality, but also about the enduring emotional significance it embodies.  Therefore our beautiful fine jewellery designs are led first by what matters most to you, allowing the essence of your story to inspire our creativity. 

The result is handmade, personalised jewellery from a Christchurch jeweller, that translates to a deeply meaningful statement of love and celebration, whether for yourself, or for a loved one.

...brought to life by a sketch...

This intimate understanding is only achieved through the unique bond that comes by working directly with a highly skilled jewellery designer, passionate about their craft.  With the knowledge that our jewellery will come to represent a long-cherished moment or memory, we're committed to a standard of quality and meticulous attention to detail that reflects the significance of each precious piece.

... and crafted with precision and patience...

Blending time-honoured workmanship with modern technology and distinctive, award-winning design flair, we're renowned for our personal boutique experience at a truly world class standard.

We offer contemporary showroom creations, beautiful bespoke designs, or we can give new life to sentimental pieces by transforming previously loved jewelery into wearable treasures once more through jewellery remodelling.

Marc Bendall is a bespoke jewellery designers and creator of handmade bespoke jewellery NZ, including, diamond engagement rings, diamond rings, wedding rings, coloured gemstone rings, custom-made rings, bespoke rings, re-modelling rings as well as designing and creating stunning carat gold and sterling silver chains, necklaces,  bracelets, bangles,  Gold earing earrings.and pendants.


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