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We have relocated to our design based jewellery studio in Sumner, Christchurch.

We welcome your enquiry & look forward to seeing you,

(by appointment only)

Please phone us on  03 384 5156 OR 021 896 667 

Choosing the right piece is important. The connection you make with your new piece of jewellery begins as soon as you step through the door. 

You will find that the exceptional service you receive is all part of the experience. Creating an intimate experience for everyone is one of the core values held by this Christchurch Jeweller and his team. 

Something in the showroom might feel right for you. Alternatively, if you wish, you can get your bespoke design brought to life by this exceptional manufacturing jeweller in Christchurch.

Marc handcrafts each piece with a passion that is 40 years in the making. If you desire a contemporary design, that is timeless in style or something entirely unique, Marc will capture your vision. He channels his time-established skills and creativity into each piece, employing a process that combines traditional methods with modern technology.

Visit our Christchurch jewellery studio in Sumner, discover our exquisite jewellery online or contact us to tell us how we can help bring your own inspired story to life through timeless design.

It starts with a story...

We know that carat gold fine jewellery is about sophistication and quality, but also about the enduring emotional significance it embodies.  Therefore our beautiful fine jewellery designs are led first by what matters most to you, allowing the essence of your story to inspire our creativity. 

The result is handmade, personalised jewellery from a Christchurch jeweller, that translates to a deeply meaningful statement of love and celebration, whether for yourself, or for a loved one.

Bespoke Jewellery NZ

...brought to life by a sketch...

This intimate understanding is only achieved through the unique bond that comes by working directly with a highly skilled jewellery designer, passionate about their craft.  With the knowledge that our jewellery will come to represent a long-cherished moment or memory, we're committed to a standard of quality and meticulous attention to detail that reflects the significance of each precious piece.


... and crafted with precision and patience...

Blending time-honoured workmanship with modern technology and distinctive, award-winning design flair, they are renowned for their personal boutique experience at a truly world class standard.

Marc Bendall offers contemporary showroom creations, beautiful bespoke jewellery designs, or can give new life to sentimental pieces by transforming previously loved jewelery into wearable treasures once more through jewellery remodelling.

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"Discover the Artistry of Marc Bendall, a Master Jeweler in Christchurch, New Zealand. Immerse yourself in our exquisite collection of bespoke jewelry, meticulously designed and handcrafted by Marc himself.

At Marc Bendall, perfection is not just a goal, but a promise. Every piece stays within our showroom until Marc is certain it embodies flair and flawless perfection. Your love for the jewelry should match Marc's passion for creating it.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond fine jewelry craftsmanship. We take the time to understand your unique story, preferences, and style. Our dedicated team is here to help you find the perfect piece that you'll be proud to wear. Your journey with Marc Bendall begins with your vision, and we're here to make it a reality."


Pull off the perfect proposal with a Marc Bendall diamond ring.  These gorgeous, bespoke creations perfectly symbolize everlasting love, and represent an unbreakable bond between soulmates..


Add a burst of colour to your bespoke engagement ring, anniversary ring, or family heirloom ring.  Marc Bendall sources only precision-cut and semi-precious gemstones.


Create an unforgettable proposal with a timeless symbol of your everlasting love. Marc can personally help you find the perfect engagement ring 

Engagement rings that represents your eternal devotion and commitment to the person with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. 


Come and see the sophisticated gold chains and necklaces at Marc Bendall manufacturing jewellers Christchurch. Each uniquely designed chain has a distinctive look. You can choose the length of your necklace, and precious metal preference.

You might prefer a silver necklace or a mixed precious metal chain. Whatever your requirements, see them met at Marc Bendall.


Discover the selection of gold pendants at the Marc Bendall showroom, or create your own eye-catching and unique design in collaboration with Marc.


Be bold with a Marc Bendall gold bracelet. You can choose between many link styles of chain, each of which will elevate your sense of style. 

Marc Bendall bracelets also come in sterling silver or two-tone precious metal options.


Marc’s single and spiral gold bangles can come in 9ct or 18ct rose or yellow gold, up to over 9mm in diameter. You have the option to customize the size of your bangle to fit your requirements to perfection. No other manufacturing jewellers in New Zealand create such elegant handmade bangles.

You can also make a statement with a Marc Bendall sterling silver bangle. Choose among round, flat, and spiral designs.


The earrings made by Marc Bendall glitter with absolute perfection and are light on the ears to wear. Select whatever type of metal you like and choose any colour, precious metal, and gemstone combination. Elevate your look with a pair of elegant and refined Marc Bendall earrings.


Marc Bendall is a renowned leader in the world of manufacturing jewellers in Christchurch.  As a highly skilled and creative artisan, he personally handcrafts exquisite diamond rings, engagement rings, bespoke rings, as well as a stunning array of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and more.

Marc's collection features an array of meticulously crafted showroom pieces and the option for bespoke creations, ensuring that you'll discover a piece that perfectly aligns with your desires. Regardless of the custom-made item you seek, Marc brings a profound commitment to precision, expertise, and a genuine passion for the art of jewellery making to bring your vision to life.

His creations epitomize contemporary sophistication, yet his style seamlessly blends timeless elegance.  In a world where trends and occasions evolve, you can rest assured that your Marc Bendall piece will stand the test of time.

When you're prepared to uncover your next extraordinary piece of jewellery, we invite you to visit us in our boutique studio!


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