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Create a proposal you will never forget with a Marc Bendall engagement ring.  These gorgeous, bespoke creations are the ultimate symbols of everlasting love.

Marc Bendall specializes in bespoke jewellery design that perfectly fits each customer.  Those who wish to design a personalised engagement ring will work directly with Marc, he specialises in ensuring his customers' experiences are intimate and personal.

With over 40 years refining his art, it is fair to say that Marc's work is truly world-class.  He is the master craftsman of capturing the vision of his clients, forging rings with perfectly cut diamonds, precious or semi precious cut stones and fine metals that stand the test of time.

Stunning showroom pieces, which might already hold a sense of the love between you and the person you are about to marry, are available in-store and online.

Whether you choose a Marc Bendall Registered designed engagement ring, or have a ring specially created for you, you can trust that both the design and finish of your special piece will be outstanding perfection.


If you are seeking a bespoke engagement ring, talk to Marc Bendall in his Christchurch showroom.

First, Marc will draw your finger to scale and design a ring based on this image, taking into account your aspirations.  Simply by talking to you, he will gain a sense of your personality and vision.  Marc will pay close attention to your needs until you find a design that is perfect for you.

Whether your taste is classic, contemporary, simple or extravagant, delicate or bold, you will find the ideal engagement ring with Marc Bendall.  Using the highest quality GIA diamonds, precious and semi precious stones, and the most exquisite metals, Marc will hand-craft a stunning ring that perfectly encapsulates your desires.

One of the most exceptional fine jewellery designers in the country, Marc Bendall works with time-honoured craftsmanship, integrity, and passion for what he does.


Rings have been symbols of commitment and love for thousands of years. Ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that the vein on the fourth finger of the left-hand runs directly to the heart.  To this day, wedding bands and engagement rings are worn on this finger.

Their circular shape embodies something never-ending.  Circles stand for renewal and rebirth, which is entirely what love is.  Engagement rings encapsulates continuous revival and regeneration that takes place when you go through life with your soulmate.


Diamonds became the traditional gemstone choice for engagement rings in the fifteenth century.  The most durable natural material on the planet, diamonds can withstand fire and intense pressure and cannot be cut by anything apart from other diamonds.  These stones are rare, timeless, and earth-grown, making them the perfect symbol of eternal love.

Strong, (Rated 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness), and crystal clear, diamond rings represent an unbreakable and illuminating bond between soulmates.  Like a diamond, the value and importance of your relationship only increases over time. 

Choosing the cut of your diamond adds a personalised element to your bespoke engagement ring.  For example, a circular-cut diamond evoke quiet, timeless elegance, while a princess cut conveys extravagance and excitement.

Whatever diamond you choose, you can be confident that it will last an eternity.


Precious and semi-precious gemstones can add a pop of colour to your engagement ring.  You can select from a variety of coloured gemstones available at Marc Bendall.

As engagement rings are likely to be worn every day, it is important to decide on gemstones that will be durable, such as rubies and sapphires, however if the wearer is mindful and careful of her special piece, the spectrum of colours to choose from is boundless.


One of the most talented and experienced engagement ring designers in New Zealand, Marc Bendall will help you attain the ultimate symbol of your love.

With a range of showroom designs and bespoke options, you are sure to find the perfect engagement ring for you and your spouse-to-be.  Marc's guidance and insight into your needs and goals will seamlessly keep you from getting overwhelmed by the choices available to you.

Platinum, white, rose and yellow gold all offer something special and different as metal choices.  You can also choose whether to have diamonds, coloured gemstones, or both and how you want them arranged. Every element of your ring - the metal, the choice and the cut of the gemstones - will tie together in flawless harmony, as you do with your soulmate.

Marc Bendall is an expert designer of unique, bespoke engagement rings. His designs blend contemporary styles with timeless elegance. With four decades of experience, Marc Bendall is a phenomenal designer with an exceptional level of passion and creativity applied to each bespoke piece.

For the perfect engagement ring for your proposal, come and visit Marc and Catherine in-store today!


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