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Marc Bendall’s diamond rings are stunning creations that blend exceptional quality with contemporary style. For a perfect proposal, come to Marc's Christchurch studio to find a gorgeous showroom piece or work with Marc to design a unique bespoke creation.

Bespoke Jewellery design is Marc’s specialty. Your connection with your piece of jewellery begins from the moment you walk through the door. At every step in the process, you will receive exceptionally attentive service.

To find the perfect symbol of your love and commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, come to Marc Bendall.


Diamond rings represent an unbreakable bond between soulmates. You can ensure that your Marc Bendall diamond ring will flawlessly embody what you want to convey in your proposal.

As one of the best jewellery designers in Australasia, it is fair to say that Marc’s work is truly world-class. With over 40 years of experience in the jewellery industry, he is the master of capturing exactly what his customers need. Each of his rings is forged with exquisite precious metals and precision-cut, GIA-graded diamonds, precious and semi-precious coloured stones.

Rings have functioned as the traditional symbol of love and commitment for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, it was believed that the fourth finger on the left hand connected directly to the heart. Millennia later, this finger is still the one on which we choose to wear our wedding bands and engagement rings.

The circular shape of rings is a lovely symbol of something eternal. As love does, circles stand for never-ending renewal and rebirth. Engagement rings encapsulate the continuous revival and regeneration that takes place when you go through life with your soulmate. 

Rare and timeless, diamonds have been the traditional choice of gemstone for engagement rings since the fifteenth century. The most durable natural material on the planet, they are the perfect symbol of everlasting love. Diamonds can withstand intense pressure and heat and can only be cut by other diamonds.

The purity and sparkle of diamonds further signify the depth of your commitment to your partner. Like a diamond, the value and importance of your relationship will only increase over time.


A great deal of study has gone into finding the best way to cut diamonds. Whereas a perfectly cut diamond further accentuates the luminosity of the diamond, one that is not cut properly appears surprisingly dull. Flawlessly cut diamonds reflect light out of the stone, emphasizing their brilliance.

Each diamond at Marc Bendall is GIA-graded, premium quality, and cut to perfection. Choosing the cut of your diamond adds a personalised element to your bespoke engagement ring


The most popular cut style, round-cut diamonds maximise the fire and brilliance of their sparkle. They dazzle on their own as well as in clusters. Brides who love classic styles will adore round-cut diamonds.


For a sleek, modern look, the princess cut is the ideal choice. This cut comes in a square shape which augments the natural brilliance of the diamond. Princess cut diamonds emanate a gorgeous, contemporary radiance.


With a rounded square shape, cushion cut diamonds first became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are now worn by those who enjoy a classical, traditional style. Cushion cut diamonds sparkle with timeless elegance.


Emerald cut diamonds give off a unique “hall of mirrors” effect. They have cropped corners and a rectangular step cut, dramatically catching the light and accentuating the clarity of the diamond.


This eye-catching shape appears bigger than a round diamond on its top surface while giving off a similar level of brilliance. Pear cut diamonds are perfect for brides who enjoy a style that can look both contemporary and timeless.


Baguette-cut diamonds can either give off an Art Deco or hyper-modern style, depending on the way it is set in the ring. Because the baguette-cut involves few facets, the clarity of the diamond is of paramount importance.


Give your engagement ring a regal feel with a marquise cut diamond. With long, rounded edges and pointed ends, these diamonds boast a brilliant sparkle.


One of the most talented and experienced diamond ring designers in the country, Marc Bendall will help you attain the ultimate symbol of your love.

You are sure to find the perfect  Engagement Ring for you and your spouse-to-be within the Marc Bendall collection of showroom designs and bespoke options. Marc will give you guidance and insight into your needs and goals, to seamlessly keep you from getting overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Your ring will be the ideal embodiment of your love story.

For the perfect ring for your proposal, come and see Marc and Catherine in-store today!


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