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Marc Bendall's fine jewellery NZ creations are locally designed and created in Christchurch, and truly world-class.  The use of only the most exquisite materials increases the longevity of these designs.

One of the most experienced local designers in the country, Marc Bendall remains true to his value of creating an intimate experience for everyone. Anyone who visits his Christchurch Jewellery Studio  leaves feeling inspired, recognizing the immense skill, "passion" and love for the craft that takes place there.

Quality materials constitute fine jewellery. Marc uses only the best precious metals, Platinum, Palladium, yellow, rose, and white gold, both 9ct and 18ct, and sterling silver. Genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, GIA-graded diamonds are set in many of these pieces with the highest level of craftsmanship, translating into absolute perfection.

Marc Bendall is an expert designer of unique, bespoke jewellery.  His designs blend contemporary styles with timeless elegance.  With four decades of experience, Marc Bendall is a phenomenal designer with an exceptional level of passion and creativity applied to each bespoke piece.

The staff at Marc Bendall strive to make your experience exceptional.  Marc and Catherine will take the time to understand your needs and desires throughout the design process. They will ensure that the piece you take home is something that will be loved, what you wanted and more.

Marc Bendall's vast body of work encompasses diamond rings, coloures gemstone rings, gold and silver chains, bangles, bracelets and more.  Marc Bendall is an outstanding example of what fine jewellery NZ has to offer.


These bespoke jewellery pieces take on immense symbolic significance when they get passed to another generation.  While occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, moments of personal growth come and go, a Marc Bendall piece will be there throughout the highs, lows, and quotidian moments of its wearer’s life. It will always symbolize that special moment when it was first opened and put on. The memory you wish to create is kept in mind every step of the way during your experience working with the Marc Bendall team.

Custom jewellery is available. You have the opportunity to work with a distinguished jeweller to create the perfect, personalized item for yourself or your loved one.  

Marc Bendall offers a range of services to help you acquire the perfect piece of jewellery.  He adds unique, yet time-established creativity, to a process that combines modern technology with traditional techniques. When you start to work together, Marc will first sketch your finger (to the correct shape and size)! and then begin to sketch 2D designs on your finger to visualize the bespoke piece that could be yours. 

Gold and Silversmithing

Forty years of working with gold and silver have established Marc Bendall with exceptional dexterity, an eye for detail, and insight into how these materials work.

Fine Jewellery NZ

Diamond and precious gemstone work

The exquisite purity of a diamond’s beauty combines with its unique chemical composition as the most precious material on earth. This wonderful harmony makes fine jewellery with diamonds a perfect symbol of a feeling you want to last forever, whether it be love, accomplishment, friendship, joy, or anything!

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Marc Bendall endorses the support of local artisans and craftspeople. Sharing Marc’s craft with the community is truly fulfilling. You can bring a stunning Marc Bendall piece into your life by visiting the store or enquiring on the contact page today!

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