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We have relocated to our design based jewellery studio in Sumner, Christchurch.

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Timeless elegance meets contemporary style with Marc Bendall's gold chains NZ. Designed and handmade in Christchurch, each of these unique chains is distinctive in look. 

The clasps on Marc's bold chains are often a feature of the overall look, and as such his clients love to wear the clasp at the front to show the designer clasp off!

Commitment to quality is not just about creating exquisitely crafted jewellery; it is also about listening to customers and finding exactly what they are looking for. Marc and Catherine are attentive to their customers’ needs and experts at finding the perfect piece of jewellery for each person. 

If you have old worn out jewellery, Marc Bendall is able to use your old gold to create one of Marc's beautiful statement gold chains.

Your experience as a customer will feel intimate and personal. When you leave the store with your gold necklace, you carry with you something that you will always treasure.


Discover for yourself the sleek, beautiful, and elegant gold chains and necklaces in the Marc Bendall showroom. Wearing a gold chain NZ is a popular way to accessorize. They are timeless fine jewellery  fine jewellery pieces that go with a wide variety of styles. 

Marc Bendall offers necklaces made of three types of gold: rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. You can also choose between 9ct and 18ct gold varieties.


Having been working with jewellery for more than forty years, Marc Bendall is a one-of-a-kind jewellery designer.  Marc designed and created each of his handmade necklaces using his decades-long expertise and passion for the craft. 

Marc works skillfully with white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, but also works with Platinum, Palladium and Sterling Silver. Pure gold is too soft a material to wear as a piece of jewellery, hence the addition of other metals to make up 9ct, 14ct, 18ct. or 22ct ct.  22carat is the minimum carat gold a jeweller can successfully work with.

The type of gold you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference. You might consider what colour the rest of your jewellery is and what best matches your skin tone.

Yellow gold is the purest type of gold. It gets mixed with other metals simply to give it strength. People with warm skin tones especially suit yellow gold. 

White gold is made by mixing gold with palladium or silver. Its gorgeous, pure white finish looks striking against cool skin tones.

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy, and while it has a soft and romantic look, this alloy is actually the strongest of the three types of gold. All skin tones look equally beautiful with rose gold.

As a finite resource, the value of gold continues to increase. This makes it a suitable metal to choose for precious, cherished jewellery items.


The perfect carat gold necklace awaits you at Marc Bendall. Each type of Gold and each style of necklace offers something different. Whether you desire a delicate necklace or something more bold and striking, you will find what you are looking for with the help of one of the most talented jewellery designers in the country.

Marc’s creations embody contemporary refinery, yet his style undeniably intertwines a timeless elegance. While trends and occasions come and go, you can be sure that your Marc Bendall gold chain NZ will last a lifetime.

To find your new gold necklace, come and see Marc and Catherine in-store today!


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